We Can Help Simplify Your Life!

Investing for life takes a disciplined approach. Your portfolio is often the primary tool that will allow you to enjoy life on your terms, whether you’re still working or are retired, whether you’re starting a business or selling one, whether you’re inheriting or preparing the way for your children. But one thing is certain, there is no one else exactly like you. No one with your circumstance, your home, your family, your concerns. And there’s no off the shelf solution that will meet all of your complexities.

Our goal is to help you develop a plan for success. Our fee based business model allows us to maintain independent judgment, which means we put your interests ahead of our own.

How the Program Works For You

Independent Asset Management (IAM) is a flexible fee based service that provides the convenience of bringing your investments together within one coordinated portfolio customized to help meet your specific investment needs.

Independent Asset Management is designed to help provide a solution to the challenges of building and maintaining a personal investment plan. Through your financial advisor, you have access to a premium asset management service.

Our Unique Advantages

IAM offers a unique set of advantages to address the increasingly complex needs of today's investors. The advantages: 

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Custom Portfolio Design

The dynamic, versatile framework of Independent Asset Management (IAM) allows your financial advisor to provide you with a carefully constructed and individually selected portfolio that is both diversified and custom selected to meet your individual investment needs. Your portfolio will be based on your individual circumstances with the purpose of helping you reach your financial goals.


Broad Selection of Investment Choices

Based on your particular investment objectives and risk profile, your advisor will determine an appropriate asset mix . Your advisor’s goal is to keep your portfolio on track by providing the right combination of:



Easy to Read Statements

You will enjoy the simplicity of one monthly account statement, consolidated performance reports (available upon request), and one set of year end tax reports. For convenience and consolidation, you can also elect to have copies of Interested Party statements included in the same combined mail envelope.


Portfolio Transparency

Investors have 24/7 access to all account information via a secure client only website, including but not limited to: holdings, transaction history, gain/loss information and asset based fees associated with the account.


Understand Exactly What You're Paying

Independent advisors typically charge a fee based on a percentage of total assets managed. This has two advantages. One: The fee structure is simple, transparent and easy to understand, helping to avoid surprises. Two: Since this fee structure does not give your advisor an incentive to recommend one product over another, you can feel confident that your advisor is making recommendations based on what is best for your situation and your portfolio.


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